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AI Consulting: Driving Real ROI from Quick Deployments.

“The development of AI is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone.”
- Bill Gates

Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer boundless opportunities for innovation.

Business leaders know AI is powerful and competitors are using it.

But AI is evolving at blazing speed, with many known and unknown risks.

How do executives and Board members identify generative AI use cases for immediate impact?

WillowTree is your partner in deliberately navigating the murky AI landscape to identify impactful use cases that drive efficiency gains.

Getting Started.

WillowTree's "AI Intent" Workshop

In our 3-day workshop (in-person or virtual), WillowTree’s multidisciplinary AI experts will:

  • Explore your organization’s unique North Star goals and market opportunities
  • Identify a focused set of AI use cases
  • Pinpoint potential risks and guardrails with our AI security assessment
  • Generate actionable design prototypes
  • Export viable concepts to production flows for MVP tools providing immediate value
  • Develop a strategic roadmap to keep pace with future AI transformation

Connect with our team.

Schedule a workshop to focus your company’s generative AI initiatives.

AI Use Cases.

WillowTree and our parent company TELUS International have built and implemented AI & ML solutions for client-partners since 2017.

Identifying Your Use Case:

  • Add natural language search and navigation to complex content and workflows
  • Integrate LLMs (with pre-built guardrails) directly into your products
  • Develop ChatGPT plugins for your brand
  • Optimize internal processes and train your teams
  • Analyze large datasets and extract business intelligence with clear data visualizations
  • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction with automated responses and predictive monitoring
  • Optimize and monitor issues across supply chain, inventory, and operations
  • Automate business operations for data privacy, regulatory compliance, marketing, and documentation
  • Implement AI-powered multimodal voice solutions optimized for speed, safety, and accessibility

Additional use cases include:

Customer service.

Augmenting search, auto-response, recommendations engines, and chatbot capabilities.

Education and professional development.

Summarizing and explaining complex topics.

Digital marketing.

Drafting personalized ad, email, blog, social media, and web copy.

Virtual assistants.

Managing tasks, schedules, and multimodal speech-to-text conversion.

Document automation.

Drafting contracts, MSAs, and other parameter-specific documents.

Supply chain logistics.

Invoicing, order tracking, analyzing purchases, and optimizing inventory.

WillowTree’s AI services drive efficiency in both internal processes and products.

AI Process Efficiencies


Defining Feature Flows

Generative AI tools enable WillowTree designers to quickly specify UX flows, reducing iteration cycles and driving velocity to the first user test.


For content-heavy designs, tools like ChatGPT can massively accelerate first-draft content like labels, descriptions, and microcopy.

Placeholder Images for Client and User Feedback

WillowTree designers use precisely engineered prompts through tools like MidJourney to arrive at For Placement Only (FPO) images, investing the time saved in further UI iteration for improved product outcomes.



Prototype User Interfaces in Code

WillowTree engineers use ChatGPT to translate descriptions of user interface elements into code, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration of ideas toward improved user experiences.

Write Boilerplate Code

Up to 50% of any large application may consist of ‘boilerplate’ code configuring underlying frameworks, importing external libraries, or setting default behaviors. ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot can generate this through iterative prompt engineering, jumpstarting engineers to add custom features and interface elements.

Generate Unit and Feature Tests

WillowTree engineers build suites of unit and feature tests to verify application behavior and catch regressions as we add new features. GitHub Copilot can generate these suites based on application code and recommend updates as the application evolves.


AI Product Efficiences

Here's the core unlock:

GPT is trained on billions of parameters, but much of this data is text-based. Businesses and individuals use it primarily to find, translate, summarize, and complete text-based outputs.

WillowTree is implementing AI services where the inputs and outputs for this system include proprietary development code, internal databases, calendars, and other non-text-based functions. We can then take these non-text datasets and build a system of intelligent prompting and re-prompting, fine-tuning the model where necessary. This is where the exciting, business-critical innovations are happening.

For instance…

Prompt Engineering & Business Intelligence

We condensed a six-week project into two days."

Michael Freenor
WillowTree Principal Data Scientist

"We created a smart database interface for HR professionals skilled in DEI but not necessarily in data analysis or engineering. They can ask, 'What's the gender pay gap at my company?’ Our product translates this natural language prompt into data sets like SQL databases and then responds in plain English. With rapid prototyping and model training, this Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution allowed our client to accelerate the extraction of intent and entity classifications from six weeks into two days."

Learn more about how Michael’s team increased digital velocity for Sigma Squared by translating database dialects into natural language and bootstrapping a data set for a classifier.

Marketing & Customer Experience

We reduced a 3-minute long survey into a 10-second interaction."

Chelsea Taylor
WillowTree Product Scientist

"We built an AI tool that efficiently matches investors with financial services advisors based on various parameters like age, race, geography, assets, goals, and personality types. Our client reduced a 3-minute-long survey into a 10-second interaction that provides the same optimized matching results. When prospects seek a financial advisor, our proprietary matching algorithm and AI-driven interface provide a more efficient and delightful customer experience."

Learn more about how Chelsea’s team is optimizing the prospect funnel for a leading financial services firm by removing friction and improving customer experience.

Data Analytics & Visualization

We analyzed massive amounts of historical data to automate quantitative reports in a fraction of the time."

Renato Vicente
Data Practices Leader, WillowTree

"For one of our clients focused on agribusiness credit risk, our GPT model ingests and analyzes thousands of documents based on collaboratively defined ESG (environmental, sustainability, governance) parameters such as regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and demographics. The tool outputs quantitative scores and custom dashboard visualizations of data insights in a fraction of the time. Our client can make better, faster decisions to identify ideal and high-risk partners."

Learn more about how Renato’s team is using GPT to analyze massive amounts of historical data and automate quantitative reports related to ESG risks.

Know the risks.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is a precious commodity that presents an even greater set of high-risk challenges when working with ML and AI services. If you’ve used the free, public version of ChatGPT, for instance, you are explicitly sharing your data with OpenAI, which they can then use to train their models.


With industries like financial services and healthcare, we help avoid the potential life-changing implications of inaccurate AI-generated information. Companies that rush public-facing AI tools to market in these industries risk consumers expecting an imperfect tool to perfectly diagnose illnesses or predict investment wins. Still, numerous AI use cases in these industries can and should be explored.

Secure AI

Choosing responsible and secure business uses for artificial intelligence is a challenging landscape to navigate, with the potential to do great harm. We partner with you to ensure your project incorporates these considerations in line with your company’s goals. GPT can be a powerful translator while relying heavily on complementary systems and humans.

Connect with our team.

Schedule a workshop to focus your company’s generative AI initiatives.